Michelle Ghosh River Crescent Floor plan colour

My passion for Interior Design was sparked by my travels around central Australia where I was exposed to a variety of luxury hotels and apartments. My enthusiasm for the subject is due to a desire to create beautiful and practical spaces for people to live, work and enjoy.

I use AutoCAD to an intermediate level, and am proficient in Photoshop, CorelDraw, all Microsoft Office software, and have good freehand drawing skills.
I have previously spent time working in other fields including as a Desktop Publisher and in a number of administrative roles. My employment to date has enabled me to develop extensive practical, organisational and time-management skills. I particularly enjoy attention to detail, juggling multiple tasks and working on project-based work, which I have found are pivotal to the role of an Interior Designer.
My passion for colour and nature informs much of my interior design work, and I enjoy applying this through design projects and my artwork.

I have recently taken one year’s maternity leave and am now looking forward to my future in Interior Design.